Breast Augmentation in Tucson

In Arizona and Tucson in particular, breast augmentation surgery (also known as breast implant procedure) is one of the most common surgical procedures performed today. It helps woman who are willing to enlarge their breasts for a more proportional silhouette, to restore the breast shape after breastfeeding or simply to balance the breasts in case of different size or shape. Plastic surgeons cities perform hundreds of natural breast enhancement surgeries per year.

For some women, implants alone create beautiful, filled-out breasts. For others, an enhancement with a breast lift (or mastopexy) is necessary to achieve an attractive, fuller shape.

Comprehensive Guide on Breast Augmentation with Implants

There are several important considerations to learn about when contemplating breast augmentation surgery:

Considering Various Breast Implant Options

The choice between saline and silicone is of high importance, as it going to impact both the day-to-day behavior of the augmented breast and the type and frequency of the maintenance of that implant down the road. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and hype surrounding silicone, which only makes the decision way more difficult. The recent approval of some highly cohesive, form-stable gummy implants has given patients more options, as well as making the decision making process much complicated. Separating fact from fiction, however, can make things much more clear. Below a summary of pros and cons for main implant types silicone and saline are presented:



  • Natural feeling
  • Minor chance of visible rippling


  • Implants are more expensive
  • Rupture can be difficult to detect
  • Ruptured implants can lead to local complication
  • The FDA recommends additional screening for detection of rupture

silicone and saline type breast implants



  • Less expensive
  • Detection of leaks easy
  • No local complications from rupture
  • No necessity for elective exchanges


  • Less natural feeling
  • Greater chance of visible rippling

How Do I Choose My Implant Size?

breast augmentation implant size chartThe number one topic that people think and talk about regarding breast augmentation is size. Though it isn’t the only important aspect, size really does matter. In fact, when women are not thoroughly happy with their results following a breast augmentation, the most common reason is disappointment about not having selected a larger size.
The basis premise of implant sizing is to match the base width of a woman’s breast with the diameter of the breast implant and vary projection to increase or decrease overall size. But there are many breast implants that fit the width range of a given woman’s breast. After narrowing the options down based upon breast width, there are two helpful techniques – trying on and 3D imaging – for patients to select the size they prefer the most.


How Do I Best Determine What Implant Profile And Shape Is Best For Me?

Breast implant profile refers to the relationship between the projection of the implant and base width of the implant. The profiles enables for the best match between a woman’s desired size and natural breast dimensions.

There are low, moderate, and high profile breast implants Tucson. For a given fill volume, low profile implants have the widest base width, high profile implants have the narrowest base width, and moderate profile implants are between low and high.

In general, the larger augmentation a woman desires, the higher profile the implant needs to match breast dimensions. Conversely, when a smaller augmentation is wanted, lower implant profiles are appropriate. Again, the goal is to match the implant diameter with the base width of the breast and vary projection to accommodate the patient’s volume goals.

breast implants with same volume, but different projections

Picture on the left shows the side view of same volume implants but of different projections. The breast  implant on the left side is a high profile implant and the one on the right is a moderate profile breast implant. Note the greater projection and narrower width of the high profile implant.

You can see the frontal view of both these implants in the picture to the right. Please note the greater width of the moderate profile implant on the right which projects less than the narrower high profile one.

Frontal view of breast implants

Example: if a female with a 12 cm breast width wants a large enhancement (>450cc), she would require a high profile implant in order to avoid the implant extending too far to the side of her chest as it would with a moderate or low profile. But if that same females wanted a small augmentation (<250cc), she would require a low profile implant in roder to avoid the implant from being too narrow. A volume between 250cc and 450cc would call for a moderate profile.

There are essentially 2 implant shapes available for breast augmentation in Tucson, round and contoured (also called teardrop). Round implants are most popular; nevertheless, contoured implants may be a good option for some women.

round and contoured breast implants

When upright, round implants take on a natural tear drop breast contour and their shape changes with positional movement as natural breast tissue would. When they rotate, there is no problem with distorting the breast shape.

Contoured breast implants were designed with an aim to provide a more natural looking alternative to round implants but most evidence does not support this assertion. These implants can be helpful for women with small breasts and very tight skin. Contoured breast implants are produced with a textured surface to aid with resisting rotation. However, these implants can spin causing breast distortion and form time to time require a surgical correction.

Implant Incision Options

Four incision options are available: inframammary (breast crease), periareolar, transaxillary (armpit), and transumbilical (TUBA).

The inframammary incision is the most common approach. There are numerous advantages to this location. To name a few: after breast surgery scars are well hidden in the breast crease and are inconspicuous after a while, it provides extremely reliable and safe means of accurately inserting the breast implants. The tunnel made for insertion from the breast crease incision causes minimal disruption of the milk ducts. Many experienced plastic surgeons, members of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery believe that tunneling behind the breast rather than through it reduces the risk of capsular contraction and infection.

The periareolar notch makes a nicely hidden scar at the border of the areola. This approach may not be feasible for patients with small areolae using large silicone gel breast implants in Tucson, AZ. During this technique, a tunnel must be created through the breast tissue to place the implant behind the breast. Occasionally, upon pectoralis muscle contraction, patients can get puckering of the scar from the muscle pulling on the healed tunnel attached to the scar. Nevertheless, the periareaolar incision can be a great choice for women with smaller breasts and bulk areolae.

incision types illustrated

The transaxillary and transumbilical notch techniques are typically not advised for silicone breast augmentation, due to the risk of injuring the integrity of the shell during the breast operation. The revisionary surgery rate is higher when these incisions are employed and the axillary scar might be noticeable in some women when they raise their arms upwards while wearing tank top, swim suit, bikini or dress. These methods sound appealing due to the avoidance of a breast scar. However, the inframammary and periareoalar approaches are considerably more prevalent because of their safetty, predictability, and well-tolerated, hidden scars.

Should My Implants Be Placed Behind Or In Front Of The Pectoralis Muscle?

During the breast augmentation Tucson surgery in any of the clinics, saline or silicone implants can be placed in a pocket either behind the large chest wall muscle known as the pectoralis major muscle (subpectoral or submuscular) or directly in front of it (submammary). The appearance and dynamics of the breasts are different between both locations as are the consequences of gravity, weight fluctuations, implant size and time. The most significant advantages for placing breast implants before the muscle are the following:

  1. Mammograms are usually more easily and accurately read versus when implants are positioned in front.
  2. The risk for developing capsular contracture (hardness of the breast caused by the formation of scar tissue around the implants) is much lower.
  3. A superior and more natural interface is achieved between the implant and chest wall. Ensures natural looks.
  4. There is a greater amount of soft tissue coverage of the implant which translates into a diminished risk and extent of visible rippling as seen on the skin as well as buffering the ability to sense the implant.
  5. The muscle gives significantly better long term support of the underlying implants as compared to skin only support when the implants are situated above the muscle. In a such location, the weight of the implant will cause greater stretching and thinning out of the skin over longer period of time resulting in a greater relative amount of drooping. This problem is exacerbated with very large implants.

How Should I Prepare For My Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Before having your breast augmentation surgery, try to relax and be prepared. Below are some really helpful tips and tricks to do that:recovery process_stay positive

  • Remember to follow your preoperative guidelines, especially those concerning eating and drinking
  • Read the medications to avoid before and after surgery section in your surgery booklet, definitely don’t consume aspirin and aspirin like medications.
  • Ask your husband or friend a lift to and from the breast implant surgery. Don’t be shy, ask them to aid you next 2 days after the surgery is done. In these days it is advised to restrict the amount and severity of physical activities, especially those which can put a strain on your incision.
  • Get yourself a loose fit top and pants to keep yourself comfortable after the breast augmentation surgery.
  • Fill any prescriptions regardless of the fact that you are not planning to use any sort of medicine after the breast implant insertion procedure.
  • Prepare a calm and relaxing environment for recovery by taking care of household chores prior the surgery. Have a book or magazine to read, a list of movies ready to watch and other things of interest to you that do not require much of physical activity.
  • Take a shower before your breast augmentation surgery appointment. There can’t be any makeup, hairspray, deodorant or dark nail polish when you arrive at the clinic.
  • In case you use contact lenses on a daily basis, when going to the appointment put your eyeglasses on instead. Take the lenses with you – after the surgery is completed, you will be allowed to put them in.
  • Leave all sorts of jewelry and hand watches at home.
  • You could want to sleep on your couch or recliner following surgery, or have your your pillows propped and ready when you get back.
  • Confirm that somebody is staying with you after surgery.
  • Get a lot of rest the day before and remember to relax!!!

Recovery After My Breast Augmentation Surgery

Following breast augmentation surgery, patients can go back home the same day as the surgery takes only about 1.5 hours. But patients will likely feel sore and exhausted for the next several days; with the greatest discomfort expected to be in first 24 to 48 hours after the breast surgery. Strenuous activity should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks but patients can resume light physical activity and return to the work within 1 week. During the recovery process after breast augmentation patients might be instructed to wear a postoperative bra or compression garment.

Do I need a breast lift? What is the purpose of implants versus a lift?

How can you find out in home conditions whether you need a breast augmentation, with a breast lift? Often, the answers on 2 questions can help. Firstly, have you recently lost significant amount of weight and/or have had a child? Secondly, what cup size are you now? If the answer on the first question is positive and your current breast cup size is larger than the small B cup, usually a lift is necessary, but to be completely sure, you must consult with a specialist.breast augmentation with lift_because balance and symmetry matters

If the breasts hang below the creases, lift is required. But often women aren’t sure. Deflation with collapsed or empty upper breasts does not demand a lift and may be managed with implant placement alone. The most reliable means to determine if you need a breast lift is to look at your breasts in the mirror with your body angled at 45 degrees so you get an oblique view of yourself. Then look at the breast that is farther away and see if it hangs over the crease. On the other hand, you can take a picture of your breasts on a 45 degree angle and analyze the picture for the same overhang. You can as well take the image, sit in front of a laptop and peruse the web to identify the procedure of choice for females with a similar breast position.

If the lower poles of the breasts are no longer round, but rather oval, pointy, or boxy shaped, then a breast lift is a must have. A lift has a purpose of improving lower pole contour – the hallmark of attractive, youthful breasts. An implant does not improve shape but serves two other purposes: 1) to fill out the upper breasts and 2) to boost up overall size. If the breasts sag, the lift is critical while the breast implant is optional depending upon your desires. If there is no sagging but merely deflation, an implant alone will do fine.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Breast Augmentation

Q: Do silicone breast implants feel significantly more natural comparing to saline ones?
A: Silicone breast implants used for breast enlargement, Arizona are constructed with a thick, cohesive gel that simulates the feel of a breast. On the contrary, saline breast implants are filled with salt water which as you may already know does not have the same viscosity as silicone has. Thus, the overall feeling is not as natural as for silicone ones.

Q: Which type of implant lasts longer, silicone or saline?
A: Generally silicone implants last longer than the saline ones, if appropriate maintenance is applied.

Q: Will I need to have my breast implants replaced sometime in the future?
A: You should not expect that breast implants will last forever. They may last anywhere between 5-30 years, thus they shall be replaced or removed at some point. Hence, repeated breast augmentation will have to be performed. This time, recovery process will be less painful and time consuming.
Saline implants deflate typically rather quickly and noticeably in size in the affected patient’s breast. Loss of integrity of silicone implants is more sophisticated to detect as usually there is no real change in size and/or shape. Patients may feel some unusual mild discomfort or develop firmness of the affected breast. An MRI may be needed to aid make the diagnosis but this is not fully accurate.

Q: Do most of patients choose silicone implants over saline?
A: In excess of 96% of the patients select silicone over saline for their breast augmentation surgery. They want an implant that will provide them with the most natural appearance and feel and silicone is the one that meets those criteria.

Q: Will the sensation in the nipples lessen or disappear after the breast augmentation surgery?
A: Immediately following surgery performed, your breasts may feel somewhat numb. Over the time, majority of patients regain most if not all of the sensation of their nipples and breasts. It would be extremely rare to lose full sensation in both nipples.

Q: Can this operation affect the ability to breast feed?
A: Breast augmentation surgery should not have any impact on the ability to breast feed particularly if the periareolar approach is not used.

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